by Jason Horton Mine by Jason Horton is the first installment of the Fire and Ice mystery, thriller and romance series. Jason and Lucy meet in London whilst both are attending business meetings.  Their connection is instant and their initial meeting blooms into a budding relationship even after they return to their respective homes.   ThisContinue reading “Mine”


by L.C. Barlow Pivot by L.C. Barlow is the first book in the Jack Harper Trilogy. This is a difficult story to put into a specific genre pigeonhole. It is a thriller, a mystery, has elements of fantasy and a chilling edge of suspense all wrapped into one gripping tale. Jack Harper, at the ageContinue reading “Pivot”

The Connection

by David Billingsley The Connection by David Billingsley is an intriguing mystery with hints of science fiction, a thriller and a love story. This book is a gripping tale that will keep you guessing and on your toes throughout. The story revolves around Sandy McAllister, a woman who is just trying to get through lifeContinue reading “The Connection”


by Gemma Donoghue Fragile by Gemma Donoghue is a gripping Young Adult thriller novel. A story of secrets, betrayal and the harrowing ordeal of teenagers suffering with an eating disorder. Katherine is a fifteen year old who has been gripped in the clutches of an eating disorder for a number of years. Her best friendContinue reading “Fragile”

Layla’s Song

by Paul McCracken Layla’s Song is the debut novel by Paul McCracken. This is a thriller set predominantly in Belfast and told in the first person by the protagonist of the story, Michael. Michael had assumed a new identity and thought he had left his gang life behind him. Now settled with a wife andContinue reading “Layla’s Song”

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